The GRIP Idle Management System was developed in 2009 in response to the growing number of customer requests to reduce their fuel consumption and harmful emissions. On its third rendition, the new GRIP system has been developed to respond to the new vehicle technologies, providing a more flexible, adaptable product.  The system can collect vital data that is unavailable through normal vehicle operation and telematics. The information that is recorded has never been recognized in fleet utilization studies, such as how much idling is contributed to keeping the operator’s safe or for keeping the operators in a comfortable climatized environment.  All of which can be transferred into real costs.

Unmatched in its ease of use for the operators, available product support materials and its advanced technologies that work seamlessly with every day vehicles, the GRIP system has been the market leader, setting the standard in idle management. We are proud to be working partners with world class equipment manufacturers and technology providers, who also recognize the quality and advanced technology of the product. We as a company are proud to develop, produce and support products that provide a positive impact on our planet and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  Our people are passionate about the product and that motivates us to make it better, sharing with our customers the success of idle reduction.

In today’s vehicles, manufacturers struggle to gain small percentages in fuel reduction in engines to meet the requirements of the Environmental Policies, but vehicle idling provides very low hanging fruit for fleets to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. Cutting out unnecessary idling has many benefits, such as:

  • Reducing emissions for the vehicle operator, the people surrounding the vehicle and for the environment
  • Reducing fuel cost
  • Reducing operating costs by extending oil changes and reducing costs of moving parts. Vehicle manufacturers calculate 1 HR of Idle = 33 Miles (53 kms) of driving
  • Extending the life of the vehicle. Even if only for a short time, this can still equate into significant savings over time and over a fleet of vehicles.

Other than the obvious benefits listed above, the greatest benefit of considering an idle management product is that you can show the progress you are making to further green your fleet right now instead of waiting for technology to change.

GRIP Idle Management System